Text Box: The 5 Steps of Galvanizing
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Text Box: The process of hot dip galvanizing is a factory controlled metallurgical combination of zinc and steel in order to provide a corrosion resistance in a wide variety of environments.
Acid Pickling
The components to be galvanized are suspended in a Hydrochloric acid mix to chemically remove rust and mill scale.
Steelwork is dipped in a tank of plain water to remove excess acid.
The steelwork is dipped in a zinc ammonium chloride flux to encourage a more consistent and smoother galvanized finish.
4. 	Galvanizing
The steelwork is completely immersed in a bath of molten zinc and slowly withdrawn, the excess zinc allowed to drain away.
Once cool, the galvanized steelwork is inspected to ensure a good all round coating and all sharp edges are removed

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